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EPISODE #27: A Sunday Conversation with NY 24 Candidate Roger Misso

Roger Misso, a Red Creek native, says he’s running because there wasn’t time to waste.

The Democrat is among the field of challengers, vying for support in the 24th Congressional District to challenge Rep. John Katko, the incumbent Republican, in the 2020 election.

The 24th District is a complicated one, which has flipped parties before; and is ripe for Democrats to grab if the incumbent does not deliver a strong message that resonates.

Misso discussed his candidacy, the issues, and how he plans to make the 24th Congressional District, and Central New York as a whole – a better place to live for everyone on Episode #27 of The Sunday Conversation podcast. He touts a unifying message that aims to bring together rural and urban voters – which is an important quality for anyone vying to represent the 24th.

Listen to his entire conversation in the podcast player above, or the video version available exclusively on the YouTube Channel.


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