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Research Shows: There are Health Benefits of Writing Essay About Life Goals

Goal-setting, whether it’s the development of a short term goal or a long-term one, has countless benefits both for a physical and psychological state. Defining our objectives and aims is something that guides us in the right direction and motivates to take action. Besides, it helps to focus on the important tasks, and allows to have a clearer vision of the future. This mindset, in turn, boosts confidence and provides a sense of purpose.

Writing an essay about the present or future goals is similar to the therapy that subconsciously and positively impacts the way we think and act. Also, positively impacts the way we think and act. Also, according to Nicholas H Parker essay writer writing encourages us to reveal ideas that we keep in mind on paper. This helps to better analyze and plan future scenarios that we wish to happen.

So what exactly are the health benefits of writing essays about life goals? Let’s figure it out.

1. Improved Well-Being

In the work named The Health Benefits of Writing About Life Goals, psychologist Laura King explored the consequences of writing about life goals and ideals. After conducting research with a group of participants, she came to the conclusion that written descriptions of an ideal future boosted personal happiness and increased the level of self-satisfaction. More importantly, people who wrote about their goals visited medical professionals less often.

Another research made by James W. Pennebaker indicated that thoughtful writing may help in the development of organized, structured memories. In addition, the process of writing helps in the analysis of cause and effect relationships in the past, present and future.

So, If you want to explore the topic further or have difficulties narrating your life goals, you can order a custom essay and get your personal story written fast and without effort.

2. Faster Recovery After Loss or Traumatic Events

Surprisingly enough, composing a plan for achieving future goals is a helpful tool that speeds up the process of coping with misfortunes in life. Be it an incident or physical trauma, writing about the feelings associated with such events may help to combat negative emotions faster and form a coherent plan for the future.

In a different study curated by psychologists Lyra Stein and Susan Folkman, caregivers who had lost their partners to AIDS were asked to write about their goals for the future. The results showed that their goals and plans were closely connected to increased well-being at the time of loss, and lead to improved recovery in the next year.

Therefore, without definitive and well-articulated goals, the likelihood of experiencing depression, anxiety and other negative biochemical responses in the brain increases. Whereas positive emotions, like hope, interest or engagement decrease over time.

3. Higher Academic Achievement

Writing about life purposes is a beneficial method for students too. The research from Kennon M. Sheldon and Linda Houser-Marko sheds light on the nature of planning goals that are clear and important, as opposed to the plans driven by external factors.

Specifically, when a group of students was asked to describe their eight future goals, the outcome matched all expectations. Interestingly, the academic excellence of students who wrote about internally-oriented goals and pursued them increased, with the grade-point average being higher than in with those who aimed for externally-driven sources.

Plus, the productivity level also tends to rise, according to the same study. The students who define clear and attainable goals that align with their interests and preferences are more concentrated and flexible when it comes to academic work.

4. Better Task Performance

Apart from having an advantageous impact on students’ efficiency, writing about career goals leads to improved activity in the framework of business. In particular, those employees and employers who take notes about their specific goals have higher performance levels than those who don’t.

Besides, such business aspects as managerial planning and research enhance significantly once workers define their objectives. Similarly, the organization’s teams that were both assigned a specific goal and motivated to reach it throughout the time of completion, were more productive in comparison to other groups in the same company.

Finally, the participants who wrote about the goals admitted understanding the corporate strategy better than those who didn’t take part in the experiment. Hence the conclusion that plan formation contributes greatly to the sense of commitment and strategy realization.

Among other things, the same principle applies to students. Those participants who imagined the details of reaching a particular academic objective by the given term were more productive than those who focused on visualizing only the positive outcome of a planned goal.

As you can see, there’s an explicit correlation between goal-setting and writing. The process of imagining future plans and describing them on paper foster mental and psychological health, and thus improve the general state of well-being and self-containment. So the next time you ask “Can someone write my essay?”, don’t hesitate to address the right writing service and get a professionally written paper about your future life goals.

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