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Carrier Dome Managing Director says project has ‘officially begun’

The highly anticipated project to renovate the Carrier Dome in Syracuse is now underway.

This is Phase One of the project, which includes most notably a replacement of the air-inflated Carrier Dome roof.

Dome Managing Director and Syracuse University Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer Pete Sala says,
“The project in my mind has officially begun.”

Already buck hoists are nearly built on two sides of The Dome.

These exterior elevators will be used to run crews from the ground to the roof level.

One of the first things that will need to be done is putting some bracing on the corners of the building.

This week the concrete contractor will begin work to pour concrete on the four corners of the building up in the existing ring beam to make sure the building can support the new, heavier roof.

People will also start to see heavy equipment on the west side of The Dome, between the arena and the Dineen Hall law school on Irving Avenue.

Sala tells NewsChannel 9, “The crane pad is going to be constructed sometime between now and Commencement. With the crane itself, it’s 87 tractor-trailer loads of crane.”

That crane, Sala says, will be lifting pieces of steel that are over a hundred feet long to make the crown trust of the new roof.

“We know that mid-summer we have to be erecting steel. We’ve already purchased the steel, we’ve already ordered the steel those things have happened. Those contracts have been cut, so we’re well on our way with that. We know there is a benchmark that by the end of December, early January we’d like to have the crown trust fully erected,” he adds.

The building will stay active on the inside until well into next year with any renovation work happening behind the scenes.

The project will take a break mid-winter because of the weather and then at a still-to-be-determined date in late Winter or early Spring activities inside will cease.

Crews will then let down the air-inflated roof in order to take it apart and haul it out of the building.

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