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Safest to least safe states ranked during COVID-19 based on death and vaccination rates

A new report has ranked all 50 states from safest to least safe at this point in the pandemic. The goal in learning this information is to know which states have the highest vaccine rates, which also works to show where people ... MORE
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Homicide rates increased during pandemic, here are the worst cities and why

The pandemic created a lot of issues for people during the world wide shutdown, and one unfortunate one was an increased rate of homicide. The rate is so high that President Joe Biden has made tackling it one of his priorities. WalletHub ... MORE
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WalletHub says New York State ranks as the 7th safest state during the pandemic

WalletHub has recently analyzed the data available surrounding COVID and which states have been the safest amid the pandemic. New York has ranked as number 7 out of the entire country. At the moment, 55% of the entire country is fully vaccinated ... MORE