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Safest to least safe states ranked during COVID-19 based on death and vaccination rates

A new report has ranked all 50 states from safest to least safe at this point in the pandemic.

The goal in learning this information is to know which states have the highest vaccine rates, which also works to show where people are most likely to do things like shop in person.

Safer states have a better chance at overcoming the economic downfall the pandemic created.

WalletHub determined safest states by using five forms of measurement:

  • Rates of COVID-19 transmission
  • Positive testing
  • Hospitalizations and death
  • How much of the eligible population is vaccinated

Courtesy of WalletHub.

The following map can show what the state is ranked by clicking on the state:

Source: WalletHub

The safest state in the entire country is Connecticut with a score of 92.44 out of 100.

The least safe state is Idaho with a score of 5.34. One factor to keep in mind for Idaho is that they only provide data for vaccinated people ages 18 and up by state law. Anyone under 18 that is vaccinated is not counted.

The following chart shows the connection between states with high vaccination rates and low death rates, vs. low vaccination rates and high death rates.

Source: WalletHub

Read the report here and see where your state ranks.

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