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Biggest Clubs In Soccer History

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As a football or soccer fan, there are a lot of clubs that are always staples when you mention the biggest clubs ever. The teams that are in the conversation are always there but the places change around. Similar to the list we did where we spoke about the biggest English Clubs ever, we are going to talk about the options and why they should be considered. If you are looking for some controversial takes about teams this is not the place for you. I will try to look at the facts and pick the team I consider to be the biggest.

Real Madrid

Not mentioning Real Madrid when mentioning the biggest clubs of all time is a stance that I can’t take. For my money, Madrid are the biggest club of all time, whether you look at the accolades, the players that have played for them, the money they generate. They are massive and the global appeal that they have from even non-football fans is a scary thing. Me being hornets with you, I grew up in Washington and I didn’t like football until I was around 12, since I started to follow football I have always followed Madrid and watched interviews of their players and old highlights from before I was born to feel connected to the club, I have even started to call soccer football because I want to be a true fan. They are my club and the biggest of all time and deserve to be rejected and treated as such. With a record 14 Champions Leagues and a final coming up for the fifteenth and us being clear favorites according to bookmakers like Boylesports, we could be looking to get our name further into the history books. 


As much as it pains me to admit it, Barcelona are one of the biggest and best clubs in football history. Barcelona have had some of the best and most influential people in football history at their club, a lot of whom have changed how football is played, with Cruyff and Guardiola being the leaders of this change. I would love to sit here and slander the team and belittle their success but I think for this I have to put the rivalry aside and talk about Barcelona and their accolades from an objective point of view. They have one of the most iconic stadiums in football history, the Camp Nou, they were the first club to win two trebles and the first club to win the sextuple, which is 6 trophies in one season. They are iconic and have some of the best teams in the sport’s long and beautiful history. 

Manchester United

Manchester United are one of the most decorated teams in the world and the most successful in England. They dominated English football for over 2 decades and have had one of the greatest managers in history, Sir Alex Ferguson. In the Premier League, United have the most titles with thirteen and had the league by the scruff of its neck for a long time. They have one of the most iconic treble-winning sides in football history and are filled with players who are icons of the game. Another major thing is they gave us Cristiano Ronaldo so they automatically get in my good books. 

Honorable Mentions 

Certain teams are massive and have dominated their league for many years and Bayern Munich are a great example of this. They are one of the oldest clubs in football history and dominated the German division for decades and are still up there. Another red-themed club deserves to be mentioned here, I am spotting a theme here, but Liverpool does need to be mentioned. They have one of the most iconic wins in Champions League history with an all-timer comeback and have the second most league titles in English history and the most Champions League titles, solidifying their spot.

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