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Top-3 football clubs in England

Football has a deeply rooted history in England. The proof is a plethora of clubs in and around England which speak for themselves. The oldest of these clubs were started way back in the 17th century and are still a rage among the fans. The football clubs present in England are extremely successful and present a fierce competition before other world clubs.

The English clubs are so accustomed to playing and constantly winning that it seems impossible for the fan clubs to go without trophies for a longer period. If we want to give it a figure, we can safely say that right now, and there are around forty thousand football clubs in England. This leads to the fact that England houses more clubs than any other place in the world. Interested in British premier league? Check out the latest UK football highlights to stay in touch with your favorite teams’ best moments.

Let us dive deep into knowing about the top three football clubs in England.

1) Manchester United – Manchester United does not need a formal introduction. Even if someone is alien to the sport, they seem to know Manchester united for sure.

Manchester United is one of the most affluent clubs in England. The club’s glory is embedded in the fact that they have won sixty-six football trophies till now. These wins include major titles such as English Premier Leagues, FA cups, and Football League Clubs. Other major club wins registered by Manchester United include the FA Community Shield and UEFA champions leagues. The long list of accolades also includes the FIFA world club win and Intercontinental club win. The Manchester United club has created a shining legacy for itself since its inception in England. The players are well trained and managed by the best team, which has resulted in the club becoming one of the most exceptional and sought-after clubs.

2) Liverpool- Liverpool is another club to look out for that has carved a niche for itself by winning sixty-one titles. This includes both local and international titles. In addition, the club has won a major number of English Premier Titles and major football clubs in its whole history of existence.

The Community Shield title has also been won on numerous occasions by the Liverpool club. Not to forget, the UEFA champions league, Europa League, and Super Cup. So when it comes to witnessing the more successful club on the European front, it has to be the Liverpool club, as they have collected many titles.

3) Arsenal FC- Arsenal FC has more than 46 titles in its whole span of the establishment. The arsenal fan club was the first fan established in the year 1886. The success span of the club ranges from major titles such as League titles to FA titles. Other major titles include the League titles and Community Shield titles. The club has never faced any expatriation in its whole history of existence.

The Arsenal Club has played a whole English season unbeaten by an opponent and won fourteen FA Gunner Cups. All these are staggering records that corroborate the reason why the club is so popular among football lovers. But recent livescores show the trend is the same.

The 18th-century football scenario in England was in its rawest form. Since then, football has grown in its sophistication, and so have the players. The different clubs that we have today result from the continuous amelioration of the sport throughout centuries. The football clubs are a way for football fans to express their zeal for the sport.

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