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Audit finds issues with Dryden’s Neptune Hose Company disbursements

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An audit of Neptune Hose Company No. 1 of Dryden, Inc. revealed that some disbursements were not properly supported or authorized. The audit, covering January 1, 2022, to September 30, 2023, found that 20% of the reviewed disbursements did not follow the company’s accounting manual.

The audit examined 171 disbursements totaling $381,186 and found issues with 34 of them, amounting to $30,126. Specifically, 23 disbursements worth $24,875 were improperly authorized, and 16 disbursements totaling $6,564 lacked adequate support like itemized receipts or invoices. Additionally, five members received unsupported mileage reimbursements totaling $2,573.

To address these issues, the audit recommends that the company adhere strictly to its accounting manual and ensure all disbursements are properly supported before payment. Company officials have agreed with the recommendations and have started taking corrective actions.

The Neptune Hose Company, a volunteer fire protection service in Dryden, is overseen by an eight-member Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for financial management, while the Chief and Treasurer handle operations and payment authorizations.