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How Can Buffalo iGaming Users Find the Casino Bonuses?

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I have been playing and reviewing online gambling sites for years now, so I’ve got a pretty good idea of what separates the men from the boys. For the most part, sites are fairly standard, and if they’re missing something like responsible gambling tools, a license, or any decent games, that’s a gaping problem there’s no coming back. Instead – or rather, on top of that – I look to the bonuses to really see how a site is going to stand out.

And now I pass that knowledge on to you. Read my guide to understand where the best bonuses are and what to look for.

Compare welcome bonuses

The welcome bonus is the house’s flashiest offer and therefore it’s where they put their best foot forward. My advice would be to open a lot of tabs from a Google search, simply open the landing page (which opens automatically), and compare welcome bonuses. It’s a simple form of research but also a basic first step.

And I think it’s a telling one. Common welcome bonuses include match-up bonuses and free spins, but the amount of them – and importantly, the wagering requirements – are telling.

You might see a selection of no deposit casino bonuses, which is practically free money if you use them right. I use no-deposit bonuses to test out a site and see if I want to continue using them, with the free spins or cash they provide without risking any of my money.

And the wagering requirements are important. A welcome bonus might have giant letters spelling out a very attractive bonus amount, but in the fine print underneath will be the wagering requirements. This is where I used to get tripped up. Wagering requirements mean you will have to bet a certain multiplier of your deposit before you can withdraw any winnings from the bonus you used. My best piece of advice would be to read the fine print on every promotion you see.

The promotions page

My next move after the landing page is to look at the promotions page of the site. This is where you can instantly see disappointment. If I open a promotions page and only see one or two promotions, often including the welcome bonus, I click out. When I sign up, which I choose to only do with one platform, I want to be rewarded for being a loyal customer. A lot of sites appreciate this, so I find a lot of sites that give dozens of promotions and tournaments to keep me coming back for more, but only one or two just isn’t worth my time.

Some common promotions you might see include:

  • · Free spins
  • · Cash rewards
  • · Big ticket items
  • · Loyalty programs
  • · Tournaments

The loyalty program

Speaking of loyalty programs, this is a great way to hook me in. If you have a slim promotion collection, you can entice me with the promise of regular prizes simply for taking part. It’s where I think participation trophies really shine.

I’ve noticed most sites like to let you build up points with every bet you place, which eventually leads to a level-up. When you level up you can gain new prizes, letting you build up to a great prize without doing anything. I think it’s a great way to make up for a lacklustre promotion or game catalogue.


If you don’t want to do the hard work, like me, there is always the option of looking at reviews. As a writer of reviews, this is a great way to gauge the different bonuses out there and where they stand relative to each other.

And my best piece of advice here would be to look at player reviews. Looking at the landing pages is one thing, but you’re not likely to see the hiccups that might be hidden in the bonus there. Maybe there was a problem not detailed, the customer service team was non-existent, or any other number of things went wrong in the pursuit of a good bonus. You’re only going to know that from player reviews, which is why I rely on them to give me a fully-rounded representation of the site and brand.

Taking it a step further, there’s a Reddit thread for everything, and I think that’s a great place to get recommendations for gambling bonuses and brands to avoid and anything else you might want to know about online gambling.

If you’re looking for a new site to sign up to, I think the bonuses are a great indicator of what to choose. It can be the difference between me clicking “sign up” or the X in the corner. With my tips, you can be sure to not be hit with any dud or surprise bonuses that disappoint you. Keep them in mind, do a little digging, and remember you have to like the rest of the site too before you sign up.

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