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Schuyler County homeowners urged to watch out for scam

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Schuyler County officials are alerting property owners about a scam involving assistance in challenging property taxes. The scam entails a company or individual charging fees to dispute a property’s assessment or offering court representation without being a licensed lawyer.

Officials say that some property owners received a flier offering to reduce their property tax value for a fee. The flier urges immediate action and promises representation before the board of assessment review and in state court. However, it does not fully disclose the services or fees involved.

Property owners can challenge their property assessments for free by completing the New York State “Complaint on Real Property Assessment” form (RP-524) and filing it on or before their town’s grievance day. For assistance, contact the Real Property Tax Office at 607-535-8118 or visit their website. Those needing legal help should contact a local attorney or the New York State Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service at 1-800-342-3661. Suspected scam victims should report to local law enforcement or the Schuyler County District Attorney’s Office.