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Social Security Administration launches online performance tracker

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Social Security (SSI)

The Social Security Administration has introduced a new feature on its website allowing the public to monitor the agency’s advancements in customer service at Launched in February 2024 by Commissioner Martin O’Malley, SecurityStat is an agency-wide performance management initiative aimed at fast-tracking improvements in customer service.

SecurityStat orchestrates bi-weekly meetings that bring together top executives and subject matter experts to scrutinize data, pinpoint issues, propose solutions, and enact necessary reforms. This strategy has enabled the agency to swiftly implement changes to meet the Commissioner’s primary customer service goals: shortening wait times for the National 800 Number, quicker disability determinations, and rectifying payment discrepancies.

Commissioner O’Malley highlighted the program’s commitment to transparency. “SecurityStat offers an unprecedented level of openness with our stakeholders and customers,” he said. “Our newly launched website allows everyone to see real-time progress on key objectives like our 800 Number service levels, the processing times for disability and other benefit claims.”

For instance, one of the key objectives under SecurityStat is to reduce the average response time for calls to the National 800 Number to 12 minutes by the end of fiscal year 2025. Recent efforts have seen a decrease in wait times from an average of 40.8 minutes to 24.5 minutes in the latest reported month, demonstrating significant progress. The SecurityStat website details how recent initiatives have effectively reduced these wait times.

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