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Health alert issued over contaminated milk from Schuyler farm

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The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets has issued a warning to consumers against drinking raw milk from Sunset View Creamery due to potential contamination. Laboratory tests conducted on Monday confirmed the presence of Campylobacter jejuni in the milk, a bacteria that can cause severe gastrointestinal symptoms, including bloody diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps.

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The alert follows a report of one person falling ill after consuming the raw milk. In response, Sunset View Creamery has removed the product from sale and urged customers to dispose of any raw milk purchased since April 23. The creamery is offering refunds for purchases made from April 22 through April 28 and can be contacted at 607-594-2095 for more information.

While other products from the creamery, such as pasteurized milk and cheese, remain safe for consumption, the state will continue testing the raw milk until it is confirmed safe. The creamery is actively investigating the source of the contamination and working to resolve the issue promptly.