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Home » News » Senate approves bill banning TikTok if Chinese company doesn’t sell

Senate approves bill banning TikTok if Chinese company doesn’t sell

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The Senate approved legislation on Tuesday mandating the sale of TikTok by its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, to avoid a potential ban. The decision was part of a broader $95 billion aid package supporting Ukraine and Israel and passed with a significant majority of 79-18 votes. President Joe Biden announced his intention to sign the bill on Wednesday, emphasizing its importance amid ongoing concerns over national security.

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The legislation, which was expedited through attachment to a crucial funding bill, extends the deadline for ByteDance to divest its interest in TikTok to nine months, with an additional three-month extension possible. This measure aims to address bipartisan concerns that ByteDance could be compelled by Chinese authorities to misuse American user data or influence content through TikTok’s powerful algorithm.

As the bill heads to implementation, TikTok and various opponents are gearing up for a legal challenge, arguing that the move infringes on free speech and lacks sufficient evidence of the alleged security risks. This dispute underscores the complex intersection of technology, privacy, and geopolitics, with TikTok’s future in the U.S. hanging in balance amid these heightened legislative and legal battles.

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