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Cayuga County continues emergency order over migrant crisis

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An emergency order has been continued by Aileen McNabb-Coleman, Chair of the Cayuga County Legislature, in response to the ongoing national immigration crisis. Effective May 21, 2024, the order aims to manage the influx of migrants and asylum seekers requiring shelter and services.

The order prohibits any person or entity within Cayuga County from entering into contracts with outside municipalities to house, feed, or provide medical care to homeless individuals without written permission from the Chair. This measure addresses concerns over the health, safety, and welfare of Cayuga County residents, ensuring that necessary services and support are adequately planned.

Violations of this order may result in civil penalties of up to $2,000 per day for each migrant housed without authorization, along with potential misdemeanor charges. The emergency order remains in effect for five days, with the possibility of extensions as the situation demands.