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DEC boosts watershed research with over $325K in grants

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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the New York State Water Resources Institute (NYSWRI) at Cornell University awarded $325,994 in grants for eleven diverse water resource projects. These grants, sourced from the State’s Environmental Protection Fund (EPF), target the Great Lakes, Hudson River Estuary, and Mohawk River basin watersheds. Projects range from scientific research to public education, aiming to address key environmental challenges and promote ecosystem health across these vital areas.

During the announcement, Commissioner Seggos emphasized the importance of these projects in safeguarding aquatic habitats and preparing communities for the impacts of climate change. The grants underscore New York’s commitment to maintaining the ecological and economic health of its watersheds through strategic partnerships and educational initiatives.

The funded projects address urgent environmental concerns such as PFAS contamination, nutrient management, and biodiversity protection. For instance, studies on the interaction between protected and invasive fish species in the Hudson River will provide critical data for conservation strategies, while initiatives in the Great Lakes watershed focus on reducing toxic substances and preserving native wildlife. This comprehensive approach demonstrates New York’s ongoing commitment to enhancing water quality and ecosystem resilience through collaborative and scientifically informed efforts.

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