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Savannah to host Native American artifact show

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In Savannah, New York, history enthusiasts are poised for a unique exhibition on Sunday, April 21, 2024. Hosted by Christopher Cramer and Cathy Cramer Zimdahl, natives of Red Creek, the event will showcase a stunning collection of Native American artifacts at the Montezuma Audubon Center. The exhibition will feature ancient stone tools, including arrowheads, spearpoints, and drills, shared by collectors from the Finger Lakes Region.

These artifacts, some thousands of years old, will offer visitors a hands-on experience, allowing them to hold history in their palms. The Cramers, alongside fellow collectors, aim to honor the craftsmanship of Native American artisans through this display. Free evaluations will be provided for visitors bringing their own discoveries, encouraging local engagement with history.

This inaugural event, free to the public, emphasizes the significance of preserving and understanding our shared past. As Christopher Cramer notes, the hobby not only celebrates ancient craftsmanship but also connects enthusiasts to the tangible remnants of history scattered throughout the local landscape.