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Bare Hill marks conservation milestone for Finger Lakes Land Trust

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The Finger Lakes Land Trust (FLLT) recently purchased 63 acres on Bare Hill, marking its tenth acquisition in an area known for its scenic beauty and cultural significance. This latest purchase, intended to be transferred to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), adds to the FLLT’s efforts to preserve the landscape and wildlife habitat around Canandaigua Lake. The Trust has now protected a total of 322 acres at Bare Hill since its first acquisition in 2007, enhancing the area’s accessibility for public recreation and safeguarding the water quality of Canandaigua Lake.

FLLT’s executive director, Andrew Zepp, highlighted the importance of preserving Bare Hill for its historical and natural significance, ensuring it remains available for future generations to enjoy. Plans include collaborating with the state to develop hiking trails from the lakeshore to Bare Hill’s summit, further promoting outdoor activities while protecting the environment. Funding for this conservation effort came from the FLLT’s Opportunity Fund, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to securing critical land through strategic investments.

Beyond Bare Hill, the FLLT has actively worked to conserve over 32,000 acres across the Finger Lakes region, including over 45 nature preserves open to the public and conservation easements on private lands. These efforts are central to the Trust’s mission to protect the region’s diverse ecosystems and cultural landscapes, supporting wildlife, enhancing water quality, and providing educational opportunities on conservation and natural resources.