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Total Solar Eclipse: Road safety tips ahead of April 8 event in Finger Lakes

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As the Finger Lakes prepares for the total solar eclipse on April 8, officials emphasize the importance of road safety during the rare astronomical event. The eclipse, expected to bring complete darkness in the afternoon, poses unique challenges for drivers. Authorities strongly advise against attempting to drive during the eclipse, highlighting the dangers of distracted driving and the inability to safely view the event from behind the wheel.

Traffic safety experts, including spokespeople from the New York State Department of Transportation and AAA, urge motorists to plan their eclipse viewing locations in advance and avoid driving when darkness falls. The eclipse will cause unusual traffic patterns and potentially dangerous conditions on the roads, including reduced visibility and increased pedestrian and animal activity. Drivers who must be on the road are advised to keep headlights on, maintain extra distance between vehicles, and stay alert for distracted drivers and pedestrians.

To ensure a safe eclipse experience, officials recommend finding a secure location to park and view the eclipse, rather than stopping on roadways or becoming distracted by the event while driving. With the next total solar eclipse not returning to Rochester until 2144, the desire to witness this phenomenon is high, but safety should remain the top priority to avoid accidents and ensure that everyone can enjoy the eclipse without incident.