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Judge delays decision in Seneca County sex abuse case

The decision on the fate of a child sexual abuse case in Seneca County has been delayed, as announced by Seneca County Judge Barry Porsch. Originally scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, the ruling has been postponed to allow for further review of legal arguments presented in court. The case involves Craig Kaufman and Angila Burnett, accused of sexually abusing a child under 11 years old several years ago.

Complications arose when 911 records critical to the case were not provided to the defense attorneys until just before the trial, scheduled for January 22, was supposed to commence. This delay has sparked arguments for dismissal based on violations of the right to a speedy trial. District Attorney John Nabinger, however, contends that exclusions under state law justify the timing.

Judge Porsch, having reviewed three pertinent 911 recordings, stated they were not significant enough to immediately influence his decision. He has opted to issue a written ruling at a later, unspecified date after further consideration of the arguments and submission of additional motion papers.