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Wildlife through photography: Capturing the transformation on Onondaga Lake

The Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps is inviting the community to a special photography program on Saturday, March 9, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Honeywell Onondaga Lake Visitors Center. This event will showcase the stunning wildlife and habitats of Onondaga Lake through the lens of four local photographers who have documented the lake’s transformation. Attendees will hear the captivating stories behind each photograph and learn photography tips and techniques.

The program will feature discussions led by Joe Fratianni and Ed Guarente on photographic equipment, framing, and lighting, alongside a unique movie loop by Frank Valls from a kayak’s perspective, offering a rare view of the lake’s restoration efforts and wildlife. John DeNicola will also share his photography, emphasizing the importance of conservation work.

Bald Eagle With A Fish At Onondaga Lake by Ed Guarente.

Registration is required for this insightful event, with a fee of $10 per person. Interested individuals can register online or contact the provided email and phone number for more details. This event not only highlights the beauty of Onondaga Lake but also supports the ongoing conservation projects and education programs of the Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps.