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Supervisors consider future of Ontario County Landfill

The Ontario County Board’s Planning & Environmental Quality Committee is delving deep into discussions about the potential closure of the Ontario County Landfill in 2028. The landfill, spanning 389 acres in Seneca, has been a significant topic, with recent meetings focusing on operational data, recycling, and waste-to-energy facilities to guide future decisions. With the landfill’s lease and DEC permit expiring in 2028, the county is examining various aspects, including the feasibility of a new landfill, to determine the best course of action.

Amidst these discussions, the committee is also addressing community concerns, such as recent odor complaints from Geneva residents. Despite investigations and odor-detection equipment not registering emissions, the subjective nature of odor perception remains a challenge. Landfill officials are committed to identifying and addressing the source of these complaints, emphasizing the importance of community feedback in managing the landfill effectively.

Furthermore, the landfill is undergoing repairs due to a soil-cover failure on its south side, with efforts to reconnect gas-collection wells and ensure the integrity of the landfill’s liner. As the committee continues to gather data and engage with community members, the future of the Ontario County Landfill remains a key issue, with further discussions and open house tours planned to involve lawmakers and the public in the decision-making process.