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5G Continues to Revolutionise How Australians Access Online Entertainment

Whenever we look for anything via our smartphones, whether it’s browsing the latest news right here or playing some of the most engaging online games, we often take the speed and convenience of access for granted. This is largely thanks to the swift rollout of 5G technology, and Australia has certainly excelled in this regard, compared to most other countries.

During their most recent study for the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA), finance and economics institution Deloitte made various key observations. They highlighted that in 2022, Australia ranked third in the world standings for 5G connected devices, indicating this also has a directly beneficial impact for the national economy.

Having become a mobile nation, Australia has also received positive forecasts for continued technology growth, especially given the strong uptake surrounding 5G.
This bodes well for the future, and across various industries. These include everything from health care and smart cities, manufacturing and agriculture, to entertainment and leisure, with a special mention to gaming, an industry where speed matters a great deal.

Rural Areas Still Struggling to Catch-Up with the Fast-paced Urban Connections

Nevertheless, reliable connectivity in rural areas is an ongoing problem. While the urban areas of Ballarat enjoy strong and fairly stable 5G connectivity via Telstra, other network providers like Optus cannot guarantee much beyond 4G. However, 4G connectivity does tend to be pretty reliable across most of rural Victoria, aside from the occasional black spots we all encounter.

Nationwide, the availability of 4G has pushed well beyond 90% for most of the country, across the three primary network providers. According to monitoring and tracking services like Open Signal, 4G availability is consistent for 91.1% of the time with Telstra, 93.2% with Optus, and 93.1% with Vodafone.

High-speed Connectivity is in High Demand in The Gaming Industry

But as the 5G rollout continues, the demand for more reliable and higher speed connectivity performance also increases, especially given the growing reliance on mobile data and communications. These days, most Australians enjoy the convenience of accessing most things online, while the use of handheld mobile devices has also increased exponentially.

The number of mobile connections in Australia has risen by more than 1.2 million, based on digital statistics charted between 2022 and 2023, rising to more than 32.71 million connections overall. That’s actually more than the population of Australia, given that some people have multiple devices, although some 92.2% of the population use their smartphones daily.

When it comes to the significant benefits of using 5G, compared to earlier generations, Australians will certainly be able to consume and enjoy much more. Especially when it comes to entertainment. The fifth generation of wireless technology promises lightning-fast connectivity, moreover, it opens up new horizons for immersive gaming experiences.

5G enables real-time interactions in multiplayer games ensuring a lag-free and responsive environment, allowing gamers to fully immerse themselves in the virtual worlds and foster a more engaging and competitive gaming ecosystem.

The importance of 5G in delivering unparalleled connectivity speed is undeniable also applies to Australian online casinos for real money and other gambling platforms, which are extremely popular in the Land Down Under. A high-speed 5G connection ensures players a game without interruptions, lags or crashes when you are about to take the game by storm.

Streaming content is also far more reliable with a 5G connection, rarely suffering from lag or stuttering. That’s handy when you’re keen to catch up on the latest shows via Stan, Disney+ or Netflix. Indeed, there will reach a saturation point with the 5G rollout, whereby most of us will gradually take the ease of access to such online content for granted, when using our mobiles.

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