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Questions remain unanswered after pro-dissolution meeting in Wolcott

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In Wayne County, a discussion on the potential dissolution of the Village of Wolcott has raised more questions than answers. Assemblyman Brian Manktelow, drawing from his experience with Lyons’ dissolution in 2015, spoke at a meeting organized by the Committee to Dissolve the Village of Wolcott. The committee, which filed a petition for dissolution, aims to address the future of the village’s services, including water, sewer, and police protection.

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The meeting, attended by various officials including Wayne County Water and Sewer Authority Director Marty Aman and town supervisors Lynn Chatfield and Tommy Mettler, focused on the implications of dissolution. However, Aman expressed reluctance to estimate the impact on sewer rates without more information. Mayor Chris Henner, opposing dissolution, announced a forthcoming meeting to discuss findings from the LaBerge Group’s analysis.

If approved in the March 12 referendum, the towns of Butler and Wolcott would assume responsibility for the village’s services. The discussion also highlighted the divisive nature of such decisions, with Manktelow reflecting on Lyons’ experience. Questions remain about the committee’s motives, with attendees seeking clarity on the root of the issue, but no definitive answers were provided at the meeting.