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Canandaigua becomes Gray Wolves: Nickname and mascot revealed (video)

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The Canandaigua school district announced a significant change to its sports identity, transitioning from the “Braves” to the “Gray Wolves” as its new nickname following a community voting process.

The announcement on Friday revealed that “Gray Wolves” was the preferred choice over other options like “Bears,” “Cardinals,” and having no nickname, retaining the school’s traditional cherry and gray colors. After a series of surveys, the top pick was determined with over 5,000 votes tallied in the most recent poll.

The shift comes after the New York State Board of Regents mandated the cessation of Native American nicknames and logos for sports teams across school districts. Superintendent Jamie Farr expressed enthusiasm about the new moniker, highlighting the inspiring traits associated with wolves and underscoring the thoughtful approach taken during the selection process. He acknowledged the emotional nature of the change, optimistically noting that the community will grow to embrace the new identity with time.

In preparation for the transition, temporary logos have been released, allowing for immediate adoption of the new branding on gear and apparel. The district aims to work with experienced branding firms to create a permanent logo by the end of the school year. Despite the change, which marks a departure from the “Braves” identity held since at least 1949, Farr emphasized that Canandaigua’s history would continue to be honored. He invites the community to gradually adapt to the “Gray Wolves” identity, anticipating a positive and fun integration of the new mascot.