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State DMV launches expanded pre-screening for REAL ID apps

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In a bid to streamline the application process and reduce multiple visits, the New York DMV has broadened its pre-screening tool for those seeking REAL ID and Enhanced ID. Now available in 30 counties, including Wayne County, this enhancement aims to ensure the accuracy of applications by allowing individuals to submit their documents online ahead of their DMV visit.

Here’s how the pre-screening process functions: Customers submit applications for the desired ID type along with necessary identification or residency proofs online. A DMV representative then assesses these submissions and provides feedback, ensuring applicants have all required documents before making the trip to a DMV office. While this feature is not yet universally accessible with counties like Monroe County currently excluded, residents of non-participating areas can still utilize the DMV’s original pre-screening checklist tool.

It’s worth noting the upcoming deadline: Starting May 7, 2025, residents will need a REAL or Enhanced ID for certain activities, including travel.

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