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Cayuga County tourism office wins prestigious awards

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The Cayuga County Office of Tourism has been recognized by the New York State Tourism Industry Association with two major awards.

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One of these is the Excellence in Young Professional Leadership Award, which was given to the office’s Director of Marketing and Sales, Claire Dunlap, who expressed surprise and appreciation upon learning of the honor from a press release.

Moreover, Cayuga Tourism was also awarded for Excellence in Tourism Equity & Inclusion, acknowledging its targeted efforts to diversify its marketing strategies and foster inclusivity within the county’s tourist hotspots.

The award specifically commends the office’s dedicated commitment over the past four years to broadening representation in its marketing initiatives, as well as its active engagement with different communities and audience groups it aims to attract. Dunlap cited the Travel Unity standards, a set of guidelines from a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting equitable and inclusive tourism, as instrumental in their approach.