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MAYORAL PREVIEW: Jan Regan and Steve Valentino look to represent city of Geneva

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Who should be the next mayor in the city of Geneva?

Early voting is already underway for the Democratic Primary that has an official date of June 27. While voters still have an opportunity to make up their mind on who they’d like to see represent Democrats in the general election – there’s at least a fair chance that both names on the ballot will face-off again in the general election this November 7.

So, who’s running for mayor in Geneva?

Ward 3 Councilor Jan Regan has the endorsement of the city’s Democratic Committee. She won that endorsement over incumbent Mayor Steve Valentino, who has been registered a Democrat his entire adult life. Regan believes her stance on key issues was the deciding factor for the committee. For his part, Valentino, who was endorsed by City Republicans to run in the general election, believes he has the tools to make a second term successful.

Both believe the last four years have been less-than-ideal for City Council. However, they view the next four years differently based on how they aim to approach. Valentino believes that much of Council’s toughest days are behind it with elections coming up. He says a council-wide commitment to the issues will allow his administration, if given the chance for a second term, to address housing, jobs, and more.

However, Regan brings experience and a viewpoint that government should be more accessible. And after four years of public meetings that involved plenty of public input – it’s easy to see why. She believes housing and transportation are two of the most-crucial components of this race – beyond simply creating a functional government. But, function is an issue that cannot be ignored any longer in her eyes.

What did they say?

We caught up with both Regan and Valentino for conversations on the issues. You can watch or listen to them in-full by interacting with the video/audio players below. You can also find the interviews on YouTube, or on Spotify and Apple Podcasts by searching “FLX Today.”

Jan Regan


Steve Valentino


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