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Who owes the most unpaid tolls? What is Thruway Authority doing about it?

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A state audit revealed that nearly half of the New York State Thruway Authority’s $276 million uncollected tolls are attributed to out-of-state drivers, with motorists from other states owing approximately $119 million in tolls and fees.

The uncollected amount includes $51 million from drivers registered in New Jersey and Connecticut alone. However, only Massachusetts has agreed to help New York recover the dues, while discussions with Pennsylvania and New Jersey are ongoing.

The audit also highlighted a loss of $7.2 million due to unreadable license plate images, resulting in unbillable tolls.

The troubling audit arrives as the Thruway plans to increase tolls by 5% next year and in 2027, coupled with a 50 cents annual increase over the next four years on the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge tolls.

Responding to the audit, the Thruway’s interim executive director, Frank Hoare, acknowledged the issues and pledged to rectify them.

Meanwhile, the Thruway, which collected $3.27 billion in revenue from January 2019 to January 2023, has escalated efforts to collect unpaid tolls. The uncollected dues have been linked to the problematic introduction of cashless tolling in 2016, which led to significant driver frustration and unpaid fines.

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