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Gas prices ticking upward: Where will it go from here?

The national average price of gasoline has reached $3.51 per gallon, an increase of 9 cents since January 23, according to AAA.

The current average is higher than the same period a year ago, which was $3.36. In New York State, the average price has risen by 6 cents, now at $3.57, compared to the state’s average of $3.55 a year ago.

According to AAA Western and Central New York, prices have gone up in the following areas compared to a week ago: Batavia ($3.44), Buffalo ($3.45), Elmira ($3.50), Ithaca ($3.53), Rochester ($3.53), Rome ($3.63), Syracuse ($3.51), and Watertown ($3.56). In the last month, prices have increased by 17 cents per gallon statewide, says AAA.

The Energy Information Administration reports that gas inventories are recovering on the East Coast, but continue to lag in the Midwest and Rockies. The current demand, at over 8.1 million barrels per day, is seasonally high and helping drive prices higher. Monday’s oil prices range from $79 to $86 per barrel, a decrease of $3 from last week.

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