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Hunter illegally kills bear at Montezuma Wildlife Refuge

The state Department of Environmental Conservation has provided new information on a bear that was illegally killed at the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge.

On November 18th while working a spotlight detail at Montezuma state and federal officers received a report that a K9 trained in wildlife recovery had tracked a bear that was shot earlier in the day.

Following an investigation, officers responded to a home address listed for the hunter in question and conducted an interview. During that process, the hunter admitted shooting the bear with a compound bow.

The subject, who was not identified, also failed to turn in a harvest report card indicating he had taken the bear. Further inspection of the subject’s property found a spike-horn buck, which the hunter said he took in the northern zone during the big game season.

The hunter provided officers with a. Completed doe tag for the buck instead of the correct antlered deer tag required in New York.

He has pending tickets for improperly tagging an antlered deer and received citations to appear in federal court for the illegal harvest of a black bear on a national wildlife refuge. The bear, which refuge biologists say is likely the first confirmed black bear sighting on the property is being donated to the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center.