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Halloween candy could be mistaken for drugs, or edibles, that look the same

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It’s easy for edibles, which are made from drugs like marijuana and mushrooms, to be mistaken for Halloween candy.

halloween candy could be mistaken for edibles with drugs in them

Edibles are actually far more expensive than candy and wouldn’t normally be given away. With that being said, mistakes happen.

Edibles have grown popular in recent years with the legalization of marijuana. Police wants parents to remain vigilant when checking their kids’ candy this Halloween.

What are edibles and why should parents check for them in their children’s Halloween candy?

According to My Twin Tiers, there has been a surge in popularity for edible drugs.

Packaging has been created to look like Sweet Tartz, Sour Patch Kids, gummy bears and candy bars. Most of the names are slightly different and contain information regarding the THC or marijuana in them.

Unfortunately with a quick glance, it looks like the candy packaging it’s mocking.

There has been a major increase in the production of products containing THC and Psilocybin-infused edibles. THC is a psychoactive substance found in marijuana. Psilocybin is found in mushrooms.

Police worry that the products could accidentally be given out during trick or treating.

At the moment there are no known instances where this has happened.

While this is good news, mistakes happen and police want parents or caregivers to remain aware that it’s a possibility when checking candy.

If you find any edible drugs in your children’s candy, contact your local police.

If the child unknowingly ingests it, call 911.

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