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Weather for Halloween will be wet for some and great for others

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Halloween is next week, and many want to know what the weather will be for their trick-or-treaters to prepare.

weather for halloween and trick or treaters

If the holiday looks like it’s going to be wetter than usual, finding a solution to keep costumes dry is a good idea.

Unfortunately, this will be the case for some Americans.

Other areas it may be cold enough that it warrants some additional layers under or over costumes.

Weather for Halloween and what it might look like

According to Accuweather, while some areas can be expected to be rainy and wet, nothing compares to some of the most historical Halloween holidays.

In 2011 the holiday suffered a major snow storm in some areas. In 1991 there was a massive ice storm. These types of things are not to be expected.

Along the East Coast, the holiday weekend is expected to start out dry, but by Sunday and Monday it’s going to start raining. Rain is expected to hit various states from North Carolina to New York.

There isn’t expected to be any major issues related to the rain, but it could become a harder rainfall. If this happens then some towns may postpone Halloween activities. It’s also a good idea to remember rain could potentially ruin some of your decorations.

On Monday showers are expected to spread from Michigan to Ohio and the Great Lakes as well.

Taking and umbrella would be a parent’s best bet to keep them and their child dry while trick-or-treating from house to house.

Not everywhere will be wet for Halloween

Other areas are going to be luckier and see much better weather for their holiday weekend. The middle of the country can expect dry and mild conditions in areas like Oklahoma and Missouri. Temperatures will be warm but are expected to drop into the 40s-50s once the sun sets.

This is good news for trick or treaters worried about weather for Halloween. Recently enough, North Dakota, South Dakota, Eastern Montana, Wyoming, and some of Colorado saw some snow fall.

Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington haven’t seen rain on Halloween since 2018 but that’s going to be different this year, with storms expected to hit hard this year in the Northwest.

Areas in California could see a bit of that storm as well.

In addition to rain, high elevation snow may appear in the northern Rockies in areas of Wyoming, which would make for some pretty cold weather for Halloween.

Warm weather expected this week in New York State before snowfall begins

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