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Stimulus tax rebate worth up to $500 for Virginia residents

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As inflation continues, states are sending stimulus payments and tax rebates to residents, including Virginia.

stimulus tax rebate payments in Virginia

If eligible in the state of Virginia, you could receive a stimulus tax rebate worth up to $500.

These rebates were approved by the state’s General Assembly. Millions of residents will see payments worth $250 or $500 depending on filing status.

Who will see a stimulus tax rebate payment from the state of Virginia?

According to Marca, not everyone will qualify for the payments. This includes residents that owe the government money. Those individuals will see their payments taken entirely.

If they only owe partial payments, they will receive a partial payment. For example, if somebody owes $100 in court fees but is expected to receive a payment of $250, they will only receive $150.

Single filers will see payments worth $250 and joint filers will see $500 payments. Only those who had a tax liability for 2021 will see the payments. This means anyone that ended up paying taxes will see the payments. Around 3.2 million Virginia residents will qualify.

Tax returns need to be filed by Nov. 1, 2022 in order to get the payment. Anyone who filed their tax return by July 1, 2022 will see their stimulus payments go out on Oct. 17. The payments should hit accounts by Oct. 31, 2022.

If you get your check via direct deposit then the description will say “VA DEPT TAXATION VATXREBATE” on the deposit to your bank.

Everyone else will get their payment by paper check. You can check your eligibility through the online tool. You’ll need your zip code and SSN or ITIN to check.

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