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New York State Fair events to attend: The Horticulture Building flower shows

There’s never something not going on at the New York State Fair.

That’s why the events calendar is a great place to plan your day around as it has a long list of everything that’s going all day.

New York State Fair Events: The Artistic Design Flower Department design shows

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Check out the Artistic Design flower shows

One building that has lots of different nature elements inside, as well as great food, is the Horticulture Building. There, you can see the winners of the flower shows judged by The Federated Garden Clubs of New York State, Inc.

The New York State Fair Artistic Design Flower Department hosted all different kinds of flower contests since the fair started including the Rose show, Junior Horticulture Show, Hostas show, Gladiolus show, Dahlia show and more.

The last few flower shows you can check out are the Artistic design flower shows, including the “It’s Elemental” show and the “Atmospheric” show.

Joy Coletta is the Assistant Chairman of the New York State Fair Artistic Design Flower Department, the Parliamentarian for the Federated Garden Clubs of New York State, Inc. and an Accreded Judge for the National Garden Clubs, Inc. She said the judges base their decision on the elements and the principles of the flower design.

“I think it generates interest in floral design, and possibly joining a garden club,” said Coletta

In each flower competition, the judges follow the specifications as outlined by the National Garden Clubs, Inc.

“It’s exciting to see what different ideas people come up with. People just come through and just look at things, sometimes certain things stand out, and they think that’s the best exhibit.”

Coletta said that people come from all over New York to compete and that someone could even be from out of state and compete.

“It’s mostly Garden Club members that enter and most of them are from Central New York, but I come 80 miles away from the southern tier,” said Coletta.

Inspiring others to generate interest in flowers and gardening

“Each design has a critique on it and a comment sheet that tells something positive about it first, and then something that they can improve on.”

Her favorite part of the show is the number of people exposed to it.

“It’s interesting to watch the people’s comments as they come through and what, what appeals to them some, sometimes it’s the accessories sometimes it’s the flowers, the color, whatever.”

If you want to check out all the different beautiful floral designs, then make sure to stop by the horticultural building before the fair ends on September 5th.

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