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Home » News » Adventures With Purpose release YouTube video of their discovery of Kiely Rodni’s vehicle and remains

Adventures With Purpose release YouTube video of their discovery of Kiely Rodni’s vehicle and remains

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  • Samantha Parish 

The video covering the search and discovery of missing Truckee, California teen Kiely Rodni has been publicly shared by the team Adventures With Purpose.

search and rescue team similar to adventures with purpose who searched for and found kiely rodni's vehicle and remains.

Up until now, it was only available to paid subscribers.

Adventures With Purpose volunteered to help search for the missing teenager and accept donations to purchase equipment.

They sell merchandise as well to help cover the costs of travel and food when they’re working on a case.

According to their website, AWP is a search and recovery dive team that helps families with missing loved ones.

To date, their website says 24 missing person cold cases have been solved since they began in 2019.

By watching their documentaries on YouTube, buying merchandise and making donations, they can provide these services to families for free.

The team breaks down exactly how they make their money and state that by watching their videos on Facebook and YouTube, their ad revenue helps them.

They get around half a cent per ad in each video.

By letting the ads play, liking, commenting, sharing, and subscribing, they are able to earn enough to keep their operations going.

The team also has an Amazon wish list where viewers and followers can choose to directly purchase needed equipment for their missions.

Every missing persons case they have solved is linked directly on their website.

Adventures With Purpose shares a video from start to finish of their search for Kiely Rodni

The team documented their journey of finding Kiely Rodni from start to finish in their latest YouTube video.

The video became public today, Sept. 2, 2022.

The video starts by introducing the story and various news clips that aired when she first went missing along with photographs.

The team left Reno, Nevada to head to Truckee, California to find the missing teen.

Someone named Nick said he had seen Kiely Rodni around when she went missing and given her roadside assistance

They started by interviewing a man named Nick who works in emergency roadside assistance.

He received a call for a vehicle that wouldn’t start in Truckee.

He arrived at Boca Lake, near Prosser Lake where the vehicle was working fine.

The girl he was helping was acting strange and had asked questions on how to correctly buckle her seatbelt.

There was also a young man with the girl and they had realized the vehicle was in neutral.

He claims it was Kiely Rodni he had seen and he noticed one week later she was missing.

Nick also claimed the way the male was acting made the female uncomfortable.

They appeared to have been there for quite some time, and looked hungover or like they had had a rough night.

He stated that this happened sometime between Friday and Sunday of the weekend she went missing.

The team worked to clear multiple bodies of water searching for the teen

The team expressed hope that if they recovered her, it would be an accident and not something malicious.

They hoped to clear all of the water and tell the family she wasn’t there.

Many of the areas of water they checked were shallow.

They searched Donner Lake and cleared the water, not recovering anything.

On the second day of their search, they returned to Prosser Family Campground after ruling out all the other areas.

They thoroughly looked into the tip from the roadside assistant named Nick on the first day.

The second day’s search resulted in the team searching a lake the police had already searched, but they wanted to double check.

They entered the Prosser Reservoir at 10:41 a.m. to start the search.

AWP member Doug Bishop shared that despite the lake already being searched, there were still possibilities that made it so the police may have missed Kiely Rodni’s car.

While searching, Bishop received a tip that he read aloud on his boat.

“This just got sent to me, I cannot name who [sent it],” Bishop said. “It says, the Truckee Facebook missing persons groups are on fire with speculation about what happened to Kiely.”

“The thing is that some of it may not be speculation. It may be real clues as to what happened. The party [was] 200 plus and the fact is there was a lot of drinking and drugging, reported fights, some disturbing behavior between Kiely and a girl named [redacted] minutes before the party suddenly breaking up. Cars started flying out of the parking lot. Something bad happened and all the kids’ parents told them not to get involved. You may want to keep in mind that there is a possibility [that] what happened to Kiely could be more sinister and there was a panic.”

Bishop went on to agree with the alleged accusation, saying the chances of something happening and someone or multiple people knowing is likely.

He described how the cars could pull down to the boat ramps with ease, and if someone wanted to put a car in the water they could do it with ease.

Another member of AWP then shared with Bishop that there was a shadow on the other side of the lake near a boat ramp.

This area had a lot of roads leading straight down into the water where many people gathered for cookouts and get-togethers.

Bishop then headed that way and found the shadow, which was large and around 10-14 feet under water.

The shadow looked large and they weren’t sure if it was a car or a boat, and the diver described it as an “upside down sunken boat.”

Adventures With Purpose believed they found her

Bishop stated he believed it was a car, and remained audibly quiet with strangers around the area of the public campground.

Due to the ongoing investigation, they did not want the public to know what they were looking for. This was to keep the investigation private for the family and authorities.

After seeing what he thought was a wheel, he threw a magnet down. This verified that he had indeed found a car.

He pulled the boat directly over the object and stated, “we need to go get suited up and figure out how to get our RV over here.”

“You guys put us in this position,” Bishop said, thanking viewers. “We would not be able to afford to do this if it wasn’t for you.”

Bishop assessed the situation out loud and stated many law enforcement had already checked the water and that his sonar equipment was giving strange readings.

“It’s giving me some misreadings the way a newer car would, so amazing scan, great job man, scanning that,” Bishop told the team member in training who originally found the object.

He added that they needed to be as quiet as possible about the situation and nobody at the camp could know what they were doing.

He instructed everyone to turn their phones off to avoid causing alarm to the family and law enforcement.

The goal was to not cause trauma for the family if the car wasn’t Kiely Rodni’s.

Bishop stated that if anyone asked, they did not find anything but were simply moving locations.

Bishop then added that this was harder due to it being an active missing persons case, not a cold case that’s been ongoing for thirty years.

The diver gets suited up to dive as soon as the equipment arrives. He’s told by Bishop that this is an active crime scene.

The diver is instructed to do a full assessment of the scene. He’s told not to remove the license plate like they normally do, and to look at windows being up or down.

The diver then enters the water with a camera and confirms that the vehicle is a match to Kiely’s SUV. The license plate match.

The vehicle was found upside down and the diver makes his way around the vehicle to look inside. He sees nobody in the driver’s side window.

He then moves to look in the back and confirms there are human remains in the vehicle.

The passenger window looked broken out and the rear driver’s side window was halfway down.

Bishop comes to the surface of the water after making the discovery visibly shaken.

“It’s what we do it for, brother,” Bishop said.

The diver is seen holding back tears. He tells Bishop, “She’s in the back of the vehicle, she’s not in the driver’s seat. It looks suspicious to me.”

“The vehicle is upside down,” he said. “One window is halfway down and one window is all the way down. Call the authorities.”

AWP calls families before they call law enforcement

“We help families all across the nation and when we find out, they are notified first,” Bishop said.

“So we’re going to notify them first and my very next call will be to local authorities,” he said.

Kiely’s father and grandfather came to the shore and asked how police could have missed where the red buoy was to mark where Kiely’s car was located.

Leisek spoke with her family to explain how they specialize in finding vehicles.

When asked if the car was upside down by David Rodni, Kiely’s grandfather, Bishop explained that tires work as floatation devices. This often causing cars to turnover under water.

“The windows are closed, probably?” Kiely’s father, Daniel Rodni, asked.

“All of the windows except for one, yes,” Bishop said.

Rodni’s father asked if she was seatbelted in and told no.

“Is she in the driver’s seat?” Her grandfather asked.

He was told no, and they immediately asked with concern if she was in the back.

“I can’t see this because it’s going to be my last memory, I can’t do it,” Daniel Rodni said.

He can then be seen driving away from the scene.

After notifying police that the buoy marked where the vehicle was, they were able to remove the vehicle from the water.

Placer County Sheriff’s Office took over the investigation.

Autopsy reports later confirmed that the remains found in the vehicle belonged to Kiely Rodni.

Kiely Rodni update: body and car found in Prosser Creek Reservoir believed to be missing teen’s

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