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Five strategies for winning the lottery– including lucky numbers

Sometimes it takes more than luck to win the lottery.

A lottery expert shares five tips to to increase your chances.

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Tips from a lottery expert

Richard Lustig is the author of Learn How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery and has won himself. Richard passed away in 2018 but had won over $1 million playing seven Florida jackpots. His strategies are still widely used. Here are his five strategies to increase your chances of winning the lottery:

1. Create a budget

The first and most important tip for playing the lottery is to create a budget, because you don’t want to overspend. You will want to create a consistent system.

2. Avoid quick picks

There should be time and effort put into your lottery strategy– this includes ticket buying. Stay away from the easy picks, this is because the computer picks the numbers for you. Richard suggests playing the same numbers because your odds actually increase each time you lose.

3. Skip special dates

Avoid playing birthdays and anniversary dates as it may be significant to you, but not the game. With Mega Millions, the numbers to chose from are 1-75 and playing on specific dates decreases the numbers to chose from.

4. Keep your numbers

Every time you change numbers, it is like starting all over. Switching numbers every time means you’re playing at your lowest odds because you don’t know if the numbers work or not. Once you find numbers that win, stick to them.

5. Play in lottery pools

Joining other people’s lottery pools can be a great way to increase your odds. Even though you share your winnings, you are still winning. If you decide to join a lottery pool, be sure that you are playing with people you trust and that rules are clear.

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