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Three tips to help you save money on your energy bill

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  • Abbi Aruck 

Some places nationwide, including Texas, are experiencing heat waves.

But just because temperatures are high, doesn’t mean your bill needs to be too.

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1.Change your HVAC filters

Housing expert and realtor Adam Sanders has been working in this field for years in Huston, Texas and surrounding areas. Adam has the username watchdogrealtor on TikTok, and shares lots of helpful information. In a recent video he shared three tips for reducing your energy bill.

Dirty filters can decrease your system’s efficiency by forcing oy to work harder and still not produce adequate air. Adam suggests changing your air filter monthly, as it can reduce your energy bill by almost 10%.

If it has been an extended period since you replaced the filters, it is also possible that your blower motor could fail, which can be costly.

2. Use Algae tablets

Doing your own HVAC maintenance can save you lots of money on service costs, and early replacements on your system. For those who have their units in their attic, it is best to use algae tablets in the drain pan to prevent any algae growth.

Adam also suggests regular use of a vinegar and water solution, to keep drain lines clean.

3. Having the right HVAC unit

If you need to buy a new unit, buying the right one can help you save. The first thing to look for is size. It is important that you buy the right size for your home or apartment. Another thing to consider is the unit’s Seer Rating. This will rate the cooling capacity to power input, ultimately revealing an air conditioner’s efficiency.

Additional savings tips

Cutting back on your energy usage during peak hours can reduce your energy bill. Simple tricks like closing the shades can reduce heat by nearly 33%.

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