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Tax Rebate: Direct payments worth $325 going out to Indiana residents now

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  • Abbi Aruck 

Indiana residents are finally getting their August tax rebates.

A paper shortage delayed the first round of checks, but they payments are now on the way.

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How much is the rebate?

Indiana residents have been waiting for their August tax rebate. Luckily, the paper shortage has been resolved and the rebate checks are now on the way. Individual taxpayers will receive a $325 check and couples filing jointly will receive $650.

Those who haven’t received their $125 automatic taxpayer refund yet either, should be seeing it in the coming weeks. The paper shortage also delayed these checks from being printed and sent on time.

The check includes the taxpayer refund and the $200 payment recently signed off by Governor Eric Holcomb. The two payments will be combined into one check. Nearly 1.7 million checks are waiting to be printed.

The auditor’s office expects to print 50,000 of the checks per day. It is estimated that it will then take 24-48 hours to get through the mail. Indiana wants to have all checks printed and mailed by October 2022. Residents have been asked to refrain reaching out about missing payments until November 1.

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