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Walmart: Seven store-brand items that are just as good as name-brand

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  • Abbi Aruck 

As families continue to feel the impact of inflation, many are looking for places to cut costs.

Walmart has store-brand items that come at a reduced price, but don’t compromise quality.

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What items does Walmart offer that are as good as name-brand?

An easy way to save is buying store-brand goods, rather than name-brand ones. However, many people are nervous to make the switch because they don’t want to compromise quality. Here are 7 Walmart items that are just as good as name-brand:

  1. Potato chips
    • Walmart’s great value brand potato chips will satisfy your craving, while saving you money. Plus, you get the same 13oz bag for less money than the name-brand competitors.
  2. Saltine crackers
    • The store-brand 16-oz box of saltines sells for $1.12, but the same size name-brand version sells for $3.28.
  3. Tumbler
    • Walmart’s Ozark Trail tumbler is comparable to brands like Yeti. There are over 3,600 customer reviews, with the average rating being 4.7 stars. Plus, it is only a fraction of the cost. At Walmart, these sell for $18.08.
  4. Lotion
    • You can check store-brand versus name-brand products by reading the ingredient list. Walmart’s brand Equate have many of the same or similar ingredients to top brands like Eucerin, CeraVe, and Aveeno.
  5. Medications and supplements
    • Medications and supplements offered at Walmart are FDA-regulated and must have the same active ingredients as name-brand medications.
  6. Baby supplies
    • Walmart’s Parent’s Choice line of baby products are comparable to name-brands. For example, their diapers average 11 cents each, while Pampers are around 28 cents.
  7. Coffee pods
    • If you use coffee pods, Walmart offers a variety of flavors for a fraction of the cost.

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