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Stimulus payments worth up to $3,200 in Alaska

Stimulus relief checks worth $3,200 will soon be sent to Alaskan residents after lawmakers finally came to an agreement.

cash Alaskan residents will see from stimulus payments

The state budget was approved by Alaska Governor, Mike Dunleavy, on June 29, 2022.

Included in the budget is a stimulus package.

The $3,200 these Americans can expect are actually two different payments, totaling $3,200.

Alaskan stimulus package

These payments are made up of the Alaska Permanent fund and an energy relief payments.

The Alaska Permanent Fund is paying each qualifying Alaskan $2,550.

This money is sent each year to residents who lived in the state for at least one year and have never been incarcerated or charged with a felony.

The payments are a dividend of the oil wealth made by the state that each residents gets a piece of annually.

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This is the highest stimulus payment from the fund that residents have seen since it started in 1982.

The payment last year was worth $1,114.

Inflation is causing oil prices to rise at a rapid rate. This has caused a larger payment to be sent.

In addition to the fund payment, the one time energy stimulus check is worth $650 and will help pay for energy and utilities.

The original plan was to send $5,500, and then it was lowered to $2,600.

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