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Stimulus mortgage relief in Delaware worth up to $40,000 available

The Delaware Mortgage Relief program is now open, and offers up to $40,000 in stimulus help for homeowners.

house in Delaware where people can get mortgage stimulus assistance

The program was created to help homeowners who experienced financial hardships caused by COVID-19.

These hardships must have resulted in being behind in mortgages or ending up in forbearance.

Stimulus mortgage relief in Delaware

The program will give up to $40,000 to homeowners in need.

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The money can be used for the following

  • Mortgages
  • Property taxes
  • Chattel loans
  • Land leases
  • Water and sewer
  • Association fees
  • Homeowners insurance

According to the DSHA, you must meet the following requirements

  • Delaware resident who owns and occupies their home in Delaware as their primary residence
  • Income at or below 150 % AMI or 100% of the Median Income for the United States, whichever is greater (Find your AMI here)
  • Financial hardship after January 21, 2020, such as reduced income or increased expenses
  • Delinquent by at least 30 days, including any payments during a forbearance

The $50 million being used is from the American Rescue Act and Homeowner Assistance Fund.

People may apply for funding until 2025.

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