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Virginia passes state budget with $250 and $500 stimulus payments

Virginia passed their two year spending budget just ahead of the start of a new fiscal year, and stimulus payments are included.

cash residents in Virginia will soon see following stimulus payments included in the state budget

The bipartisan package is worth $224 billion dollars.

Over $4 billion dollars in tax cuts are granted to Virginia state residents.

What is in the spending plan aside from stimulus payments?

Included in the budget is $19 billion dollars to invest in public education.

This will bolster both K-12 education and higher education.

Teachers and employees working for the state will see raises in their pay.

Payments worth $1,000 for Delaware child care professionals

Funding for more resource officers was agreed upon.

Governor Glenn Youngkin had hoped to include a gas tax pause, and was disappointed one was not included in the budget.

He described it as Senate Democrats not believing Virginia residents deserved a break.

Fortunately, not all relief was lost.

Residents of the state can expect stimulus payments in the form of tax refunds.

Single filers will see $250 payments and joint filers will see $500 payments later this year.

The 1.5% grocery tax was eliminated, but a 1% local levy was left.

Standard deductibles doubled.

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