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UBI payments worth $500 for Atlanta residents

Residents in Atlanta can soon expect UBI payments worth $500 as the city launches its UBI pilot program called IMPACT.

cash residents in Atlanta can see from a UBI program

IMPACT stands for Income Mobility Program for Atlanta Community Transformation and is the first ever UBI program in Atlanta.

Many residents will benefit from this program as they recover from the pandemic and rising prices caused by inflation.

IMPACT UBI payments explained

Those qualifying must be low income families from Atlanta.

300 people over the age of 18 will qualify.

Applicants income must be below 200% of the federal poverty line.

$500 payments given to residents in New York

For a family of 4 that’s $53,000.

$500 per month will be sent for 12 months.

The program was started with support from the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income.

$2 million was donated to fund the program from the City of Atlanta with $500,000 more from the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income.

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