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$500 UBI payments given to residents in New York

Residents in Hudson, New York will soon see $500 monthly UBI payments for 5 years totaling $30,000.

cash residents could see from UBI payments in Hudson, New York

This is through a program called HudsonUP, a guaranteed income pilot program supported by The Spark of Hudson and The Humanity Forward Foundation.

There will be 60 monthly payments in all.

$500 UBI payments explained

Residents in the city of Hudson need to qualify for the program.

Those over age 18 who earn less than the median income are eligible.

Residents may be single, married, with or without children.

A random lottery lookng at the most impacted families will be done to choose participants.

Stimulus payments of $500 for 250 California families

There are no requirements for how to spend the money.

Depending on your situation, other benefits could be at risk of being lost.

Anyone participating in the program will not have their identities shared publicly.

Educational options regarding finances and life skills are available to participants as well.

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