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Stimulus checks worth $350 are possible for Ohio residents

Ohio residents may see a stimulus check worth $350 to help offset the cost of inflation in things like gas and groceries.

cash ohio residents could see from a stimulus check proposal

If the check becomes a reality, every resident could see a rebate check.

The money will become available in the coming weeks to Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine.

Candidate Nan Whaley is urging him to use that money to create the $350 stimulus rebate check to help struggling residents.

Will Americans get another round of checks to help with inflation?

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Is the $350 stimulus check an actual possibility for Ohio?

Right now the plan is just a proposal by candidate Nan Whaley.

Whaley’s proposal is that $350 go to single taxpayers and $700 to married filing jointly taxpayers.

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The $2.68 billion in federal funding from the American Rescue Plan is set to go to the state of Ohio.

7.4 million Ohio residents would qualify for the payment if they received federal stimulus payments.

That’s 89% of adult residents in the state who make $80,000 as singles or $160,000 and under as married couples.

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