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Stimulus: Will Americans get another round of checks to help with inflation?

Inflation is seriously impacting American’s buying power.

inflation is burning through American's money

This has led many to wonder if there will be a stimulus to help combat rising costs.

Stimulus payments worth $100 and $300 sent to Hawaiians

Will there be another federal stimulus?

Experts suggest that the $5 trillion pumped into the US economy during the pandemic added about 3% to the inflation rate by the end of 2021. Whereas others find it shortsighted to blame the inflation on stimulus checks.

Data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that the stimulus payments kept 11 million Americans from falling into poverty.

However, Congress has no interest in sending another round of stimulus payments. Without a federal stimulus check on the horizon, many states are issuing their own stimulus checks or UBI programs to help out their struggling residents.

Stimulus UBI payment program starting in Providence, Rhode Island pays families $500 per month

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