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Gas stimulus payments are what Americans want, but Biden admits there’s nothing he can do

Americans continue to struggle and hope for gas stimulus relief as prices rise due to inflation, but Biden admits he can’t help.

inflation graphic showing the rising costs of gas and groceries, with many hoping for a gas stimulus payment

At the start of the pandemic, the federal government gave out stimulus checks to help with job loss and health issues.

Many people were forced to spend their savings and go without.

Now, as inflation continues to increase the cost of goods, services, and gas, Biden has admitted he can do very little.

While he was able to send stimulus aid at the start of his presidency, he’s stated there’s little he can do to lower the cost of food and gas right now.

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Is anything happening to help with gas and grocery prices?

The Federal Reserve is currently raising interest rates as a way to help offset inflation.

By getting Americans to spend less, it can lower costs between supply and demand.

Many also believe stimulus funds caused issues and created inflation.

While that isn’t entirely true, pumping money into the economy all at once did not help.

Which states will send gas stimulus checks?

Some states are taking it upon themselves to pay their own gas stimulus to residents.

Chicago created a program that gives $150 gas cards out to qualifying Americans using a lottery system.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is working to pass a stimulus law. It would give drivers gas stimulus checks worth $400 per vehicle, for up to two vehicles.

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