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Tax rebate: Requirements to get an $850 payment

The state of Maine is issuing tax rebates worth $850 to eligible taxpayers.

tax rebate

There are fears that the rebates could be delayed due to an envelope shortage. 

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Who is getting the rebate?

The Maine Governor, Janet Mills,  announced that 5,000 rebate checks will issued, each worth $850 per individual or $1,700 for the average family.

However, the Department of Administrative Financial Affairs (DAFS) fears that payments could be delayed due to an envelope shortage. Fortunately, that is no longer a concern thanks to the Treasurer’s office. The Treasurer’s office supplied the Revenue department with additional envelopes to avoid the delays.

The requirement to qualify is based on income and filing status, each income can’t exceed:

  • single filer- $100,000
  • head of household- $150,000
  • couples- $200,000

The amount of the checks are based on 2021 tax returns. If you want to be considered, it must be filed by October 31, 2022.

Checks could end up in mailboxes across Maine as early as next week. People who have already filed their taxes can expect to see the rebate by mind-July.

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