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Gas tax rebate: Will North Carolina drivers see a $200 refund?

Democratic lawmakers in North Carolina are pushing for a one-time gas rebate.

paying for gas at the pump

The rebate would give each driver $200 to help deal with rising fuel costs.

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North Carolina gas rebate

Senate Bill 897 was introduced on May 26. The bill would allocate $1.3 billion to gas rebates, out of the over $4 billion budget surplus. The rebate would be available to residents that are over 18 and have a drivers licenses. Each driver would get a $200 rebate.

If the bill is approved, rebates will be distributed by check or prepaid debit card no later than October 1, 2022. As of June 4, gas in North Carolina is averaging $4.49 per gallon– which is below the national average of $4.82.

Gas prices have risen 55% since this time last year when gas was averaging $2.89 per gallon.

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