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Child tax credit applications open for up to $750

Today application opened in the state of Connecticut for families with children to apply for the child tax credit, a tax rebate.

child tax credit paperwork

In a measure passed by Governor Ned Lamont, Connecticut state residents may apply for a payment worth up to $250 per child.

Eligibility is open to anyone that claimed a child under age 18 on their 2021 federal tax return.

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It’s estimated that 300,000 households could qualify for this payment.

There is also an income requirement for those wishing to apply.

Anyone who files single, cannot exceed $100,000 per year.

Head of household income threshold is $169,000.

Finally, married filing jointly couples cannot make over $200,000.

The child tax credit is designed for middle class families, and the rebate may be reduced for families that make more.

Applications will close July 31, 2022 and payments will be sent in August, ahead of the new school year.

The maximum you can claim is 3 children, bringing in $750.

Many residents are happy for the relief after finding themselves spending hundreds more on groceries and gas.

Learn more about interest paid on late tax refunds from the IRS.

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